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One of our strategic partners in New York came to us with the challenge of creating an idea to help educate North American consumers about the benefits of European extra virgin olive oil (EVO). EVO is a time-honoured tradition across Europe. Its processes, its harvesting and its natural properties are verging on mythical. But how do we credibly deliver all of this to an audience over 7,000km away in a completely different continent?

With several stakeholders to engage during the process including the European Union, the Italian government, and a consortium of European extra virgin olive oil producers, we developed a unique identity and tone of voice for the campaign that single-mindedly focuses on how EVO can not only surprise and delight with its taste and properties, but also how it can become a way of life.


The campaign runs above and below the line in the US and in addition to delivering the campaign, we have also developed original content which has seen us commission bespoke photography and film video recipes in two languages.

The positive feedback we’ve received to date clearly indicates that the Flavor Your Life proposition will continue to go from strength to strength, helping to build the profile of European extra virgin olive oil in the US.

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