SIAL 2018 : the top ten most notable new products


Here are the ten most interesting, different and noteworthy new products that The Brand Nursery saw at SIAL 2018 in Paris;


  1. Black Lemon Cheese – from Dutch cheesemaker Van der Heiden Kaas, this new introduction within their Dilano range is a cheese coloured black with charcoal and infused with lemon flavour; striking, different and absolutely delicious.



2. Smowl Superfood Mix pouches – an organic snacking pouch containing a blend of coconut milk, wholegrain oats and superfruits to deliver a healthy, natural, balanced snack in a convenient, contemporary format.



3. Wonky vegetable dips – “The tasty way to rescue food”; tasty dips made from ‘wonky’ vegetables that would otherwise be wasted.



4. Karuzo sweet filled pitas – there were several examples of filled dough products at SIAL but this one took our eye for being particularly unusual; sweet flavours more commonly associated with cheesecake contained within a sweet pita dough.



5. Vivera 100% Plant-Based Steak – Vivera were one of a range of companies offering meat-alternative products, but this new ‘fake steak’ stood out for its convincing appearance.



6. Farmers Land Iced Coffee Cubes – a convenient new format to use to prepare coffee (hot, or iced); simply add milk and defrost or heat to the required temperature.



7. Penky’s Caramelised Nopal Cactus – a taste from Central America that just had to be tried! Slightly odd, squidgy texture, but an interesting savoury/sweet flavour.



8. La Fameuse Madeleines – an interesting, eerie pack design with a ghostly portrait of Marcel Proust and a back story that involves Proust’s inability to sleep and his love of madeleines. Really tasty, beautifully textured product too.



9. Eat & Go! Porridge dessert pots – this Russian offering was striking for its use of a plastic apple to contain the “useful dessert”; a kind of porridge flavoured with apple and using a mix of seeds to enhance its healthy credentials. Perhaps more of a breakfast on-the-go for western society…



10. After Party Shot – at the end of a hard day and night here’s the perfect nightcap; a functional drink containing Hovenia Dulcis extract “..that has long been used in Korean and Chinese traditional medicine to relieve intoxication after excessive drinking”. Enough said!



Words by Chris Blythe