Simon joined us in the summer of 2017 with a seriously impressive portfolio. As Senior Creative Artworker at some of Leeds biggest agencies, he oversaw projects for, Mira, and Victoria Quarter, and we were dazzled by his skills in image manipulation, retouching, and 3D rendering. His technical ability, coupled with a fantastic work ethic, has made Simon a perfect fit for the TBN team.

When he is not ferrying his daughters around to activity classes and Little Mix concerts, he will probably be exploring the latest offerings at the Magic Rock pub. There is often debate about who is the ‘most Yorkshire’ in the office. Born and raised in Leeds, now living in Huddersfield, and with the power to identify all of the local brewery ales, he would be a serious contender.

Definitely a “knower” of many things, Simon has already established himself as the go-to person for all things technical in the TBN team. Long may that continue…!