TV sponsorship

When budgets just won’t stretch to a full-blown advertising campaign, a well-thought through and brilliantly executed sponsorship idea can be a great way to ‘get on TV’ (a phrase we hear a lot from our clients). To this end we’ve helped brands like Napolina, English Provender Company and Very Lazy ‘get on TV’ using programme sponsorship as the vehicle.

When developing the core idea there should a clear link between the brand and the programme that’s being sponsored – it just makes the engagement ‘stickier’. The challenge and the reward for us and our clients is in coming up with an idea that does just that.

Napolina’s sponsorship of Gino’s Italian Escape was a match made in heaven in that Gino D’Acampo’s passion for his country and its cooking tied in neatly with Napolina’s brand promise of delivering simple good quality ingredients made with real Italian passion.

Very Lazy’s sponsorship of Hell’s Kitchen USA, Dinner Date and All Star Family Fortunes demanded a more lateral approach.

The Very Lazy brand is all about convenience without compromise so for Hell’s Kitchen USA, for example, it was all about harnessing the phraseology of Gordon Ramsay to communicate how the ingredients help create great dishes for the time poor cook.

We also created short sponsorship bumpers for the English Provender Company and Daybreak during the Festive Season. The brand’s luxurious condiments and chutneys are the perfect accompaniment to festive hams and cheeses. The creative focused therefore on pairings; “The English Provender Company and Christmas on Daybreak, a magical Christmas pairing”.

View all of our sponsorship videos here.

All films are created using a team of experienced professionals including art directors, compliance experts, camera crew and production houses working together to make the whole process seamless and cost effective for the clients concerned.

So, if you’ve always wanted to see your brand on TV and thought you couldn’t afford it, perhaps it’s time to think again…


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