NPD Testing and Evaluation Research

Our NPD testing & evaluation research has helped many FMCG businesses by providing them with powerful consumer evidence to support and help the potential of their products.

The Brand Nursery has extensive experience of helping FMCG businesses to evaluate new products – both in conceptual and initial product formats. Our work has helped Napolina, Violife, Blue Diamond and Samworth Brothers, amongst others to shape their range offerings, and to provide retail customers with robust consumer evidence to support the potential of these new offerings.

In these rapidly changing times, where consumer attitudes can quickly evolve, and new competitors can shift market dynamics, this research approach can be invaluable to brand owners to help them craft new opportunities.

We can deliver both qualitative and quantitative research to explore consumer response to NPD.


Our belief is that a qualitative online forum is a methodology that offers a huge number of benefits over other more traditional research programmes.



30 respondents

It will typically involve about 30 respondents who are recruited against agreed criteria to ensure that they represent your target audience. There are no restrictions on geography, so they can be sourced from any part of the country.

14 days

The forum can run for up to 14 days. This extended time period enables us to investigate a full spectrum of issues that assist the NPD process; from sector usage and dynamics, through to concept testing, through to evaluation of products, price points, propositions and pack design. We can ship products to respondents for them to evaluate in the ‘real world’ of their homes.

Our in-house design team can prepare visual stimulus to assist in this process, if required, bringing concepts to life to enable their true potential to be tested.

React and adjust

Because of the extended period of the forum we are also able to react and adjust to the responses we receive. If any part of the brand offering isn’t working for consumers it can be amended and new stimulus can be introduced. If issues or questions arise during the course of the study then we can quickly introduce them into the research. The agenda for the forum is completely flexible.

Immediate feedback

As the client you will be able to log into the forum at any point to effectively ‘observe’ the study. It is a completely transparent methodology. This means that, from the comfort of your office or home, you can have immediate feedback on consumer responses, and the ability to (via the moderator) probe on any issues that emerge.


Our extensive experience of conducting hall-test research has delivered quantitative data to establish the appeal of new products and range variants, and also to evaluate the specific attributes that contribute to the appeal.



100 or 200 respondents

Typically, the hall-test is conducted across a couple of locations with a sample of either 100 or 200 respondents.

Evaluate and respond

Alongside the product testing we can also evaluate pack formats, potential price points and response to marketing communications.

And the winner is…

We have also used this approach to demonstrate clear preference of a client product versus its closest competitors.

Our range of studies enable us to provide a ‘normative’ context for attribute scoring – invaluable in determining whether a new product is likely to succeed in the marketplace.

If you want to find out more about how we can shape research to support your NPD programme we’d love to hear from you.