Atlantic Crossing Webinar

Practical and actionable advice for food and drink businesses considering exporting to the USA.

A dual-continent webinar featuring some of the sharpest minds in Food & Drink, with direct experience of USA distribution and business practice.

Join us for 50 mins of insight, knowledge and live panel discussion hosted by Julia Glotz (former managing editor of The Grocer), at 3.00pm on Tuesday 7 June 2022.

Our panel of experts will consider the practical challenges faced by UK businesses that are looking to export into the United States, and offer advice on how best to overcome them.

The Panel

Julia Glotz (Host)

Julia is the former managing editor of The Grocer, now a freelance writer, editor and consultant. She works with companies and agencies on content and media strategy, thought leadership and runs training sessions and workshops on key writing, PR and editorial skills.

She also regularly chairs webinars and events, publishes a weekly food & drink newsletter and is the host of two grocery industry podcasts.


Mark Tilley

Mark was for many years the Director International for Newman’s Own, managing the operations of that iconic brand in all territories outside the USA.

He now has his own business; a sales and marketing consultancy based in Connecticut that can identify the most appropriate entry route and pathway for brands seeking to gain distribution into the United States.

Jane McKay

Jane is the founder of Astute Ideas, a consultancy that works with food and drink start-ups and SMEs, both domestically and to help them cross the Atlantic.

Now based in Bristol, Jane spent seven years in Chicago, where she co-founded an award-winning spice company called Zen Of Slow Cooking, both developing recipes and products
as well as managing the operations of the business.


Chris Blythe

Chris is the Strategy Director of The Brand Nursery. He has worked with a range of food and drinks brands from both sides of the Atlantic to help them identify opportunities to export, to understand consumer attitudes, and to develop their positioning and strategy.

He is also a regular visitor to The Fancy Food Show in New York and writes on food trends.


Topics to be covered

What are the potential pathways into the USA for a UK exporter, and how can they identify the most suitable partners to assist them in navigating this?

How does the structure of the US grocery retail sector differ from the UK model, and what challenges and opportunities does this present for the exporter?

What legal and regulatory issues does a UK exporter need to be aware of, and how can these best be addressed?

What are the practical challenges of launching and managing a new food or drinks brand in the USA?

What are the options for gaining insight into US consumer behaviour and attitudes that can help identify the opportunity for an exporter to position their brand in the USA?

Access to the full recording of the webinar will also be provided to all registered delegates following the event.

What do I need to do to register?

If you are interested in attending the webinar, or want to receive a link to the video of the event please click this button to be directed to the event site where you can register your details.