Trans-Atlantic Evaluation Research

The challenge.

English Provender Company (EPC) had taken some tentative steps to export their condiments and chutneys to the USA, but with limited success. They recognised that they needed to better understand which products from their range held the greatest appeal to Americans, and why…

“This feels like the sort of brand that could do well in the US, but what do Americans like about it, and which of our products should we focus on?”

Our thinking.

We needed to provide American consumers with the opportunity to try EPC products – and to let them use them as they saw fit.

Research conducted within their own homes would deliver better, richer insights than any external venue – (so ‘no’ to focus groups or hall-test studies).

EPC needed to understand which products appealed most to Americans, and why.

Our response.

We conducted an online forum with respondents from right down the US East Coast and Texas.

We gained insight into their attitudes towards flavour enhancing sauces, condiments, and ingredients, and gave them a range of products to sample over a ten-day period.

“I’ll be honest, cooking a meal from scratch is a huge, bothersome, tedious chore to me. I love food, and I even love preparing it myself but seldom feel I have the time to devote to it. I definitely rely on those “helpers” to get the job done”.

You never know what you’ll find.

Our focus was mainly on savoury condiments, chutneys and chopped ingredients, but we did also provide respondents with Lemon Curd.

It was, without doubt, the most popular of the products, striking a real chord with the US consumer and being used in a variety of ways.

“I baked some sugar cookies and spread this over them and they were a “HIT” literally. I believe my family inhaled them”.

Research identified the positioning for EPC to adopt in the USA.

The result.

Clear direction on the positioning for EPC to adopt in the USA, identification of the products with greatest appeal, and endorsement of the packaging format and design. The study enabled EPC to actively sell in the range to US retailer groups.