Brand & Range Development Research UK and USA

The challenge.

The brand had a presence in both the UK and USA, but in a rapidly developing market sector – dairy-free cheese – there was a requirement to understand consumer attitudes in order to ensure that the products and brand messages met their needs.

There was a requirement to understand consumer attitudes to position Violife in both countries.

Our response.

We initially conducted quantitative research via Omnibus studies in the UK and USA to identify the profile of dairy-free cheese consumers, and to establish awareness levels of Violife and its key competitors. We then undertook qualitative research through online forum studies (again, in both countries). This extended research approach, with the studies run over a two-week period, allowed us to explore a range of topics and included product sampling. We saw how consumers actually used Violife products within their daily lives, including how they cooked with them.

Our thinking.

This combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies led to a rounded perspective on the differences and similarities between UK and US consumers. We wanted to arrive at a brand strategy that could work in both marketplaces, but also to be able to highlight differences in product usage and preferences in order to shape the range make-up and marketing messages for each country.

Our research identified clear direction on the Violife brand positioning.

The result.

Clear direction on the brand positioning and on the products within their range that hold the greatest appeal in the UK and USA. This has enabled the brand to optimise its range and presentation in both countries and has enabled it to clearly establish the brand as the sector leader, particularly in the UK.