Branston Beans

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Taking it to the Great British Public

Branston is one of those enduring British brands that spans a number of different categories. For their Baked Bean business, we were asked to come up with an idea as to how the brand might introduce a new recipe that was lower in sugar and salt yet tasted as good as, if not better, than the original.

Recipe changes for brands can sometimes be fraught with all kinds of ‘issues’ but what better way to reassure Branston that this change was for the good than taking it to the Great British public and letting them decide! And while we were at it, let’s add in a bit of jeopardy and test it against the market leader!

And so, the Branston Bean Challenge came to life. We took it to the streets, social media (launching the campaign via Instagram), digital media, press ads, on pack and across all major retailers. It’s engaging, warm, real, funny (that’s the Great British public for you!) and although it’s early days for the campaign, brand sentiment online is high, and ROS is on the up.

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