Food Heaven

Packaging Design

Plant based foods from heaven.

Food Heaven is a brand developed by Fayrefield Foods, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of dairy and dairy-free products.

Fayrefield had noticed that the market for dairy-free products was growing rapidly in the UK. This has been driven by a combination of factors;

– More people adopting a Vegan diet

– Greater awareness of lactose intolerance requiring non-dairy alternatives

– The emergence of ‘flexitarians’ who enjoy Vegan foods within a varied diet

Food Heaven’s products are genuinely ‘free-from’. Driven by a passion for good food and the belief that lifestyle choices should not be a compromise, the range includes both sweet and savoury products for kids and grown-ups.

We created a distinctive look and feel for the packaging featuring a quirky illustrative style to highlight the important benefits of these plant based products. We wanted to build a lively personality into the brand. Within the free-from sector there is a danger that brands can take themselves a bit too seriously – Food Heaven has a cheeky, irreverent style that ensures this isn’t the case.

The product benefits are clearly sign-posted, the food photography is enticing. But the key to building this as an engaging brand is the use of quirky illustrations and light-hearted copy ‘asides’.

With more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of a vegan diet, the brand is set to go from strength to strength. Food Heaven has achieved a range of listings in multiples as well as independent stores around the UK.

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