New York Sweet Factory

Brand Identity & Packaging

Sweet packaging for the city that never sleeps.

New York, the city that never sleeps and also the city that never stops snacking and loves sweet treats!

We’ve worked with New York-based business Terrafina for over a decade now. We’ve helped shape their brand strategy and created their strapline ‘A Healthy Obsession’. We’ve created pack designs for several ranges of nuts, trail mixes and snacks that they pack out in Pennsylvania.

With an impressive range of healthy fruit, nut and seed snacks under their belt, Terrafina wanted to extend further. They saw an opportunity to launch a range of snacks that would appeal to consumers who don’t have health at the forefront of their minds. They wanted to move into the sweet confectionery sector.

We created had already the New York Nut Factory for Terrafina as a key sub-brand in their portfolio. From this model we then developed the New York Sweet Factory brand. It was purposely intended to sit apart from Terrafina’s core range of products, appealing to a different end of the snacking market.

There is a deliberate quirkiness about the brand character and presentation on pack. This is a sector where fun and pleasure is more important than worthy ingredients or health benefits. The character visuals and comments on pack reflect this to communicate the sweet basis of the range.

The range features a new take on traditional New York snacks such as yogurt coated pretzels and chocolate trail mixes. It’s all about bringing a sense of fun back into adult snacking.

The success of the initial range led to with lots of new SKU’s and pack formats being introduced to keep up with the ever-growing consumer demand.

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