Newman’s Own

Packaging Design

Brand strategy and packaging design to enable Newman’s Own to adapt its iconic American look and feel to other market cultures.

Through research, brand strategy and packaging design we have been helping the iconic American brand Newman’s Own to appeal to the UK audience since their introduction to our shores in the 1990s.

With almost three times the awareness of their closest competitor, Newman’s Own became the leading premium salad dressing brand in the UK. However, our involvement extends well beyond this flagship range.

We have been responsible for the development and maintenance of packaging for the entire UK range. This includes pasta sauces, marinades and salsas. In order to achieve this we’ve helped to bring UK relevance to the brand proposition. We’ve articulated powerful key food cues to deliver strong consumer appeal and on-shelf standout.

Our involvement UK-side has even helped to shape some changes to the communications approach in the US. This ensures that the brand strategy stays current and relevant as well as true to its roots on both sides of the Atlantic. We have also worked with Newman’s Own International team to ensure the brand is delivered consistently in all markets outside the US, including Canada and Australia. (If you want to see more of our work to help brands cross the Atlantic take a look at our case study for The English Provender Company – link to The English Provender Company case study)

Out task was to create an ‘eye-catching and bold packaging design’ to appeal across generations of UK consumers. The first step was to generate reliable and actionable guiding consumer insight. Whilst predictably, the older generation had higher awareness and positive associations with the Newman’s Own brand, the younger section of the market were largely unfamiliar with both the brand and Paul Newman himself.

Packaging designs developed as research stimulus were tested amongst a range of age groups. From this a clear leader emerged indicating that a label re-design could help the brand reach a new, younger audience whilst maintaining appeal and recognition with older consumers.

Quantitative research has helped guide development of packaging formats, and has further endorsed our design approach. Extended online forum research has highlighted how the brand is actually used and engaged with within consumer homes. And all of this insight has deepened our understanding of how UK consumers relate to and use this iconic brand.